Encaustic as a medium dates back to ancient Egypt. I melt beeswax and damar resin and then add various pigments to make different colors and transparencies. Each painting is built… Read More →

Ornament Series

American Heritage

These are paintings based on ornamental motifs from various global cultures and eras. They suggest not only the interrelationship among cultures but also comment on the relationship between commerce and… Read More →


Baltimore House Fall

Monotypes are known as the most painterly method of the printmaking techniques; they are essentially printed paintings. The monotype is made by transferring an oil or ink painting from a… Read More →

Monreale Sicily Series

Monreale Sicily No. 1

This series was inspired by a visit to the town of Monreale outside Palermo, Sicily. The colors, forms and lines of the paintings reflect the experience of several visits to… Read More →